Inward Towards Awareness

The journey out of ignorance can only lead inward.

A Shared Mass Hallucination

Reality is an stubbornly persistent illusion.

Molecular Consciousness

God Within You

The Quantum Tao

Reality is a unified field of energy, whose vibrational frequencies and interference patterns create the material world, which not only exhibits characteristics of a conscious mind, but might be in its entirety, if that can be defined, pure consciousness itself.

Elevate Your Frequency

The universe is changing. Energies, frequencies, vibrations are increasing. So is Man’s collective consciousness. Those who attune their awareness to these frequencies, and rediscover their connection to all things, will evolve. Those who do not, will suffer. I have chosen as my path to awaken myself and connect with the universal One Mind, and aid others, such as I am able, in that task.